North African refugees allegedly raped a 15-year old Italian schoolgirl in broad daylight

A gruesome report involving a 15-year old Italian schoolgirl and two assailants that are believed to be Muslim refugees from North Africa has struck the country of Italy after the young girl was hospitalized with bruises, a concussion, and a broken rib.

The girl, who is remaining unnamed due to her age, was attacked and raped in broad daylight on a commuter train travelling from Milan station to Porta Genova. It was the normal route home the young schoolgirl took home from school, but today would be devastatingly different. Two young men wearing baggy jeans and hooded jackets approached the girl whom she describes as North African and in their mid-twenties. The two men punched, kicked, and committed “insistent fondling of the crotch.” until finishing by raping her, reports ItaliaPost. Despite her cries for help; no one answered, likely because at the time of the attack, which was about 4:00 pm, the bus is usually empty.

The attack occurred in the city of Milano, reports Milano, a city in Italy, has a population of about 1.2 million.

The girl kept the attack to herself and told no one after it happened, not even to her mother. However, the next day she felt dizzy, nauseous and pain and confided to her classmates what happened, and was taken to a local clinic. Upon her arrival at around noon, doctors examined her wounds and reported her injuries as sexual violence to the police.

A manhunt has been constructed by Italian police, yet the two suspects are still at large. African refugees have become a hot topic in Italy, sparking controversy whenever brought up. Proponents argue that Africans have a right to inhabit Italy, fleeing their dangerous surroundings in North Africa. Opponents point to reasons like these, and hundreds of other cases reported that have left many young women brutally beaten, raped, and spit on.

Earlier today, Muslim protesters in Paris drew controversy after chanting "Allahu Akbar" during a riot where cars were set on fire and shots rang out.