The truth about Making America Great Again


In many places, schools are failing and the youth have lost hope for the future. Businesses are fleeing the country because they're...

In many places, schools are failing and the youth have lost hope for the future. Businesses are fleeing the country because they're unable to turn a profit because of high taxes and unfair foreign competition. The cities and states that were once teeming with wealth and prosperity have become nothing more than cheap heaps of land. Many Americans see a country falling between their finger tips as job opportunities disappear in front of them, and their children are sent to schools that seem to do more harm than good. Now, with no where else to turn, it becomes obvious why Trump's slogan Make America Great Again appealed to so many.

Make America Great Again has created nothing short of controversy. Many have labeled the saying racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and an array of unfounded slander to discredit the true meaning behind the idea. Job economy is at an all-time low, the unemployment rate for people with a college degree is five percent, and those without a degree sit at ten percent ... the highest it's ever been since 1983 from Jimmy Carter, who promoted the skyrocket of unemployment through an incredible high amount of income tax for big corporations, totaling out at 70 percent in his last year in office during 1980. To fix the issue Carter created, he distinctively focused on lowering taxes for big businesses, bringing them down slowly to 50 percent in 1983, and finally to just 28 percent in his last term in 1988. Throughout the years, it became undeniable Reagan's legacy was fixing the job economy, and it's clear he did that through lowering the highest rate of taxes big corporations and businesses have to pay. It's important to note, as well, that in 1988 the unemployment rate fell almost seven points, bottoming out at over 5 percent. As Reagan stepped out of office, the economy continued to prosper due to his tax plan.

Following Reagan's ideology, George H. W. Bush was sworn into office and kept the tax rate at the same 28 percent for the following year. As a result, the unemployment rate continued to steadily decline into the lower 5 percent. However, just one year after his inauguration in 1991, Bush decided to raise taxes by four percent, to 31 percent overall. Directly following the tax spike was a spike in unemployment, jumping from almost 4 percent to nearly 8 percent by 1993. As a result, as Americans faced a struggling job market, they voted to not re-elect H. W. Bush for a second term, and elected Bill Clinton in hopes of fixing the economy. Much like Trump, Clinton focused his campaign on promising job growth, appealing to the struggling middle class. However, unlike Reagan, Clinton focused on rebuilding the housing market which ultimately lead to a stronger economy. Americans were living in one of the country's greatest times, at least economy wise ... and they loved every minute of it. Yet, it's important to note that during these years Clinton increased the tax rate to over 39 percent, which would lead many to say that lower taxes equals more jobs, however, Clinton created an alibi to combat his high tax rates; the housing market. Everyone was buying and selling, and the economy boomed as a result, it's simple economics. In the election of 2000, a new face for America would emerge; George W. Bush. Bush enjoyed a year of job development in his first year of office, when the country was at just a four percent unemployment rate, primarily from the success of Clinton's housing scheme. However, this practice of creating a buy and sell market with a high tax rate only benefited the job economy for so long, and ultimately created a bubble that was ready to burst. That bubble did burst, at the expense of new President George W. Bush, and in a matter of months, the unemployment rate jumped from just four percent to almost six percent. By 2003, the unemployment rate has rose to nearly 7 percent. In an effort to combat the increasing unemployment rate, Bush lowered taxes to 35 percent in late 2003 -- still a far cry from Reagan's 28 percent, but regardless still proved to help drive the unemployment rate back down and fix the struggling economy for the time being. In 2004, Americans saw more job growth as the unemployment rate steadily decreased to 4.5 percent by the end of 2007. America was feeling strong, and looking into the progressive ideology now that their economy seemed stable. Introduce Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who appealed to the country's quickly changing ideas with the slogan Change and Forward. These progressive ideas presented in a time of stable economy encouraged voters to elect him over Republican John McCain in a landslide fashion. However, Obama made the mistake of not touching the tax rate once he stepped in to office, despite every other President changing it within their first two years. As a result, corporations and big businesses grew unhappy with the stagnant tax rate, which remained at 35 percent. What followed was a massive outsourcing of jobs overseas, including Ford, and many other mega corporations. In 1992, Ford reported that it's workforce was predominantly based in the United States, with over 53 percent of it's workforce being stationed within the States. However, by 2009, it's work force only made up 37 total percent of pay-roll in North America. By this time, like many other corporations, Ford had outsourced to Mexico, the first of many countries big businesses would implant their jobs in, rather than the United States because of growing inability to make profit with a stagnant, high tax rate under the Obama administration. However, while it was a failure of the government to lower taxes during this time, they did not increase them, either. Therefore, the job market for people with a college education improved, falling from ten percent to slightly over five percent in a span of 8 years. However, what didn't improve was the unemployment rate for people without a college degree, what the media often refers to as "working class" or "middle class" compiling of blue collar workers like plumbers, construction worker, and small business owners such as carpenters, roofers, and framers, and white collar workers such as salesman, and so forth. While the unemployment rate may have decreased for those who had the opportunity to go to college, it did nothing for the rest of the country. It did nothing for the people the media refers to as "working class" or "middle class" ... and what major votes did Donald Trump win? Much like Reagan, Trump appealed to a struggling class of Americans. According to Pew Research, Trump's most powerful voting demographic was non-college educated voters, where he gained 67 of votes. Compare that to Hillary Clinton, who tallied just 28 percent of non-college educated voters ... it becomes clear why Donald Trump beat media and elite favorite Hillary Clinton in a landslide.

Unemployment graph from 1977 to 2010 detail the dramatic slopes the American economy experiences, directly effected
by the current President's tax rates. Often, we see that when a President increases taxes on corporations and big businesses, it takes up to three years for it's negative affects on job development to be fixed, but only if the new President proposes a tax plan to lower them. As we learned with the Obama administration, a failure to change the tax rate for a span of eight years, either by increasing or decreasing it, can upset companies because of the stagnant tax rates and inability to make profit, driving them out of American cities such as Detroit, and eventually out of the country all together.
Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1980. He faced the detrimental effects of Carters tax hikes for three years before being able to fix the problem. This pattern followed Bill Clinton, who would struggle to fix the problems caused by George H. W. Bush and his tax hikes. Yet, through a perfect plan that consisted of building on a house market, Clinton was able to overcome the near impossible class of somehow fixing the job market for middle class Americans, leaving the underlying work for W. Bush. As the statistics show us, Bush struggled in the beginning to fix the job market, but through lowering taxes on big businesses he was able to harness to increasing unemployment rate, and bring it down to just 4.5 percent by the end of his term. For the past 30 years since Carter, Presidents have been bouncing back and forth when it comes to the tax rates on big businesses, leading to the job market to bounce up and down with it. However, with the election of Barack Obama, the country was more concerned about progressiveness than the economy, leading the Obama administration to not even bother touching the tax rates on corporations. As a result, and as we learned, this stagnant tax rate put a sour taste in American business owners and propelled them to take their business elsewhere for better profits. Now, Trump steps into office with the proposition of not just lowering these taxes for the first time in over 8 years, but dropping them to a historic low, as well. This would directly affect the unemployment rate for the field we discussed earlier, the field that has no college degree, the field that makes up over half of the United States, and the field that elected Donald Trump as their President. As statistics shows us, this tax plan will create hundreds of thousands of jobs by bringing big corporations back into the country. Anyone that wants to argue this point can be refuted in one simple claim, a claim Lauren Asplen of the ICU-CWA, an electrical workers union, in which she said, "there is no job security", a claim made during the struggle of watching companies like Ford take their business out of the country. Hundreds of thousands of positions fill in China, Mexico, and Europe ... and hundreds of thousands of jobs vanish in the United States. In order to combat this, the only way is to introduce a tax plan that does the opposite of what is being now, and that's exactly what Donald Trump is offering.

It's not trickle down economics, it's logic. Democrats riot in protest of a man who wants to develop job growth, while they hurl stones through the windows of small businesses. Liberals take to the streets to protest, burning the property of companies such as Waste Management or automobiles, in slew of the ideas of a man who wants to bring those exact companies back to the country for job growth for the middle class, for the working class. Those who take to protest, and those who take to riot and destroy property and create harm to the finances of local businesses, only make themselves look ridiculous in the process. Simply covering up their inane actions by labeling Trump as a racist or xenophobe doesn't justify their blatant disrespect for their fellow Americans, but only shows their inability to understand they're the root of the problem. People like the San Francisco protesters, who were raised in upper class families, many of which had parents as doctors, nurses, or successful businessmen simply can't grasp the concept of something that has been going on for twenty years, from Carter to Reagan, to H. W. Bush to Clinton, to W. Bush to Obama, and now Obama to Trump. The only thing that has changed is this is the first time the country is filled with college students who aren't affected by the sloping economy, because Obama refused to touch the tax rate for his entire presidency. As a result, those on college campuses can't relate to the problems for those without a college degree, because they've never experienced. Regardless of the generation of naive millennials, everyone else understood the process that was taking place. Many solidly blue states, such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina turned red in support of Trump. Even more, the motor field of the world stood behind Trump in the 2016 election, as Americans watched in shocked as Michigan turned red for the first time since 1988, after Reagan's dominating two terms. One of America's greatest travesty's was the fall of the super-power city Detroit. Known as the motor city of the world, Detroit was one America's greatest producers of automobiles and helped create thousands of jobs for it's single city. However, as companies began to be hit with United States taxes, yet still forced to compete with the growing precise of foreign automobile trade such as Toyota, Detroit fell drastically over time. Detroit went from a city with worldly super power, to a poverty-ridden, crime infested plot of land, all because of tax and foreign competition. Apart of Trumps proposed plan, those companies would be brought back to Detroit and Michigan and boom their economy once again. This is something the people of Michigan understand enough to take to the polls to force change in their homes, to change what is now a heap of potential that was stripped away from them. This is something that liberals in California don't understand, because the only factories in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley are used for museums and hippie joints to decorate with Christmas lights and admire the steel beams. Unlike those who protest the advancement of bringing back these job, this movement of making America great again is a livelihood that places like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania experience every day. And it's the only livelihood they can depend on, and Donald Trump's plan is to bring that back.

So, ask yourself why this plan would appeal to places like California. How could it possibly appeal to a college student in San Francisco or Oakland whose whole life has been predetermined by wealthy parents. Many protesters attend the finest institutions in the United States, yet are still able to find injustices in their world? Or are these injustices more of a leisure opportunity to protest the outcome of something you didn't win, like an angry kid who just watched his beloved baseball team get crushed by the other guys. Will the young child not throw his cotton candy that his parents bought him on the ground, stomp his feet and throw his arms around at anybody that tries to calm him down?

Ironically, California and other blue states alike seem to live in in their own world of hypocrisy and delusional. They seem to pretend that their progressive, believing in going against corporate greed and industrial practices like Michigan and Detroit. Yet, their own state is one of the biggest economies of the world simply because of corporate greed. Silicone Valley is a prime example of this, where rent can go upwards of over a million dollars a year to rent out a worn down, one bedroom house, whereas in Detroit the nicest mansion won't cost you more than a couple hundred bucks. California is overwhelmed with startup companies, providing college students with hundreds of job opportunities left and right. At the same time, they push for a higher minimum wage to support their lavish style of living. They eat the finest Italian meals from cultured San Francisco chefs, experience the heartbeat of Berkeley with live entertainment and a swarm of tourists pumping millions of dollars into their state and cities a year. They live in a bubble of money, derived from greed of corporate owners who have the okay from millennials and California residents to charge $25,000 a month for a single room apartment in downtown San Francisco. All of this happened many years ago in Detroit, and Michigan, too, was a booming blue state that wouldn't consider a Republican and often laughed at the thought. Yet, as their crown jewel feel and Michigan was forgotten, they turned red to help their economy back on track. Will California do the same thing if, or when, their economy crumbles?

The reality is college kids don't care, why would they? They attend luxurious colleges with the finest professors, and experience booming economies with the help of Silicone Valley, San Francisco, Berkeley, and more. Yet they believe they're justified in attacking a group of people who were once exactly like them. Ironic? Definitively. Can the problem be fixed? Absolutely.

The problem starts with society as a whole. The problem starts with what we are told to believe, and what the facts actually are. Our government, our society, and our livelihood depend on a series of facts, not opinions. The reason so many blue states changed to red is because opinions were put aside, and facts were the driving force to get voters to pencil in Trump's name, not Clinton's. Because Clinton represented the same of the problem, and what Americans opinions are about either Trump or Clinton became invalid because of the facts being presented. Protesters chant in the streets, "Love Trump Hates! Love Trump Hates!" like it's something to be taught, when it's nothing. Everyone understands the world is a better place without hate, Republicans and Democrats alike. However, the media has twisted the idea of what it is to be a conservative, or what it is to liberal, and constrained us to a set of beliefs that prevents the country from moving forward. It's a constraint that has been created by the highest powers of media, and the people used the key to lock themselves. Now, it's up to us as a society to first find the key, then take off the chains. The first step is understanding.

There's no doubt that if Democrats have won, many Republicans would take to the streets in protest. While it's irresponsible to say what extent upset Trump supporters would go to, it's also malicious to avoid the idea that it wouldn't happen. Additionally, Democrats would have no shortage of laughter aimed at Republicans, much as we see currently. However, it is also crucial to understand many Republicans are trying to avoid the cat and mouse game that has been constructed by people of power to keep the masses in confusion. It's important to realize that many conservatives understand the pain liberals feel in losing the Presidential race, therefore protesting and rioting only hurts progression.

Love Trumps Hate is a real and valid statement, but not original. Nobody likes to be hated on, whether your a mean jock or innocent nerd. The world is a better place with more love than hate, and you'll find the majority of people agreeing with that. However, in this case it doesn't apply ... because these election results wasn't about hate, it was about reality. Opinions were put aside, and blue states turned red. Unfortunately, places like California and Illinois proved themselves unable to see this reality, and only hold on to opinions constructed by people above them. As someone who was born and raised in California, I say these things with the utmost respect for a state I have enormous pride in, yet saying it's unfortunate to see a country divided because a group of people refuse to accept the results of an election chosen by the people. If the results were flipped, these same people would be jolly and giggly in the streets, hugging and dancing as they prance about their new leader Hillary Clinton. It becomes apparent the only hate being created is by the side that is lost.

Businesses in Ohio produced American made products that hired Americans, as well. As a result, the streets were often filled with tourists, businessmen, and the average folk all prospering from it's booming economy. The same thing is seen today in places like San Francisco, where most businesses and corporations hire locally and give back to the communities, boosting their economy ... yet many people who live in California fail to see the comparison.
If you want to understand the truth about Trump's slogan, Make America Great Again, understand American's as a whole. Look at the super power that was lost in places like Detroit, where millions of families were crushed because the government drove out big businesses with tax spikes and unfair foreign competition. See the people that can't find work because they aren't lucky enough to be in a booming city like San Francisco, where jobs run rampant, rather, they're stuck on a heap of land that all the jobs have been uprooted and sent to overseas. The truth about Trump's campaign can be seen in the rusting steel beams that rot in Ohio, as unemployed fathers struggle to find work to feed their family. Trump's undeniable landslide victory over Hillary Clinton can be seen in the devastation of North Carolina, where communities are divided because of racial tension fabricated to push political appeal on certain parties. The truth about Making America Great Again is about bringing back those jobs to our citizens, and creating the economy the entire nation can experience and prosper in. The truth about what America faces now is the facts, not opinions. Nothing more, nothing less.

By Michael Marsh



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The truth about Making America Great Again
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